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Muddy Feet

I was leading a bride and groom over to a rope swing recently for a photo (at Duchray Castle) . I hasten to add that it was at their request, and they very pluckily went on it together too, in full dress and kilt – most impressive.
I was leading the way, but facing backwards to get photos of them walking together, when…squelch! Into deep wet mud went my entire foot. It came back up minus my shoe.
I had already committed to the next step, so I had to leave it behind. I hopped to dry ground, turned round and attempted a rescue. By this time Kathryn & Scot were highly amused at my predicament!
I managed to get my shoe only by literally prising it out with my hands, and in the process lost my other shoe in even deeper mud. No going back now, so I just had to grab the other one and get out of there.
To sounds of great laughter I wiped the thick mud off with grass as best I could and did what all professionals do – carry on!
#weddingphotographymishaps #Duchraycastle


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