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What has this got to do with a photographer, I hear you ask.

Recently, I photographed a wedding at a prestigious venue, where there were a couple of videographers, who were amateur at best. This meant that they did not understand the order of the day, or who was important to talk to, such as the venue manager and photographer. I did my usual talk with them to establish who would be where and when, but this did nothing to stop one of them being directly behind the bride and groom for most of the ceremony. That was problematic as the ceremony room was very small, so there wasn’t much room for me to change angles easily. The videographer was also in jeans and looked glum and bored the whole time. Can you really imagine having all your ceremony shots with that person in the background?

Needless to say I managed, and my shots were free from all sights of them. Only experience and flexibility allowed me to get good results.

This would not have happened with a quality videographer. They would have understood the working arrangements that we necessarily have on the day and where to stand to be out of my shots (and vice versa I must say).

So please book the best videographer you can, skimping on it can lead to a great deal of problems for you and your photographer.


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