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PSD Captures The Wedding Details

PSD Photography notices the details at every wedding and makes it a special project to photograph them at their best.
Here’s 35 pins from gorgeous weddings, hopefully filling you with inspiration!

Floral Delights

Floral Delights

Wanting some floral inspiration? Head on over to my wedding bouquets gallery on Pinterest.

PSD Photography Weddings knows how much has gone into the decision for the wedding flowers, not to mention the cost, so I always make sure to get an exquisitely beautiful shot of the main bouquet for a forever keepsake.

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

I’ve got a collection of 6 boards with 123 pins (so far!) filled with inspiration for your wedding day. Wedding dresses, cakes, bouquets, shoes and more are all featured, all photographed from my very own PSD Photography Weddings of course. I’m delighted that my previous brides have been so creative and I hope you manage to find some inspiration from them too.



I’ve lost count now of how many times I have seen flocks of women struggling to find the right attachment to hook a dress up for the first dance. Sometime it can take ages too, which is never planned into a day.

At the wedding fair I deliberately went and sought out the answer for you all! OK, part of the answer. Ready?

Your dress will not come with any mechanism to hook up the train for dancing (or it is very rare if it does). The ‘Bustle’ gets added by your seamstress. It is often a button over which a loop of fabric attaches, but can also be a ribbon tie (two bits of ribbon). In any case, get your seamstress to show you how it works, but more importantly how someone else does it when you are wearing the dress. Delegate this to a mum or chief bridesmaid. This will mean you go effortlessly from day to evening, even though it may rob me of a funny photo, like the one I have shown here!



How do you keep your nerves under control on the Big Day? What’s that got to do with me, you ask? Well, relaxed people make for relaxed photos – so it’s a big part of my job to be an experienced, calming influence on you and all those around you in order to get those great shots.

Not only can I lend a supportive ear, but you will find my advice and guidance a great help on the day. I know this because so many brides have told me so! I will help you stay calm and relaxed at those nerve-wracking moments.

You will be new to this all and I can help differentiate between the important details and the silly stuff that’s not worth worrying about. All professional experienced suppliers, like myself, are able to cope with changes and the one wee thing that goes wrong on a wedding day.

If something goes wrong on the day I consider it part of my job to help out, as that’s the best way to keep everyone calm and happy. Cars can turn up late, spills can get on dresses, guests can no-show, seating plans can need amending – I’ve seen it all and will help you weather the storm!

Stay stress-free, Book PSD.
(HaHa, that should become my new advertising slogan!)

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