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Muddy Feet

I was leading a bride and groom over to a rope swing recently for a photo (at Duchray Castle) . I hasten to add that it was at their request, and they very pluckily went on it together too, in full dress and kilt – most impressive.
I was leading the way, but facing backwards to get photos of them walking together, when…squelch! Into deep wet mud went my entire foot. It came back up minus my shoe.
I had already committed to the next step, so I had to leave it behind. I hopped to dry ground, turned round and attempted a rescue. By this time Kathryn & Scot were highly amused at my predicament!
I managed to get my shoe only by literally prising it out with my hands, and in the process lost my other shoe in even deeper mud. No going back now, so I just had to grab the other one and get out of there.
To sounds of great laughter I wiped the thick mud off with grass as best I could and did what all professionals do – carry on!
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At Last - USB Sticks

At Last - USB Sticks

Yippee, they’ve arrived. All my couples know what a long and detailed process it has been to select USB sticks to replace DVDs as the way I deliver photos to them.
Who thought it would be so difficult.
But now that my PSD Photography Woodland USB Sticks are here, I am over the moon with them. They are so unique, a bit fun, but full of treasured memories.

As part of all my packages, couples get a copy of all the High Resolution images which they are licensed to print for themselves and their parents, plus an internet sized copy of every image – ready to look amazing on social media, websites and emails.

Orla & Iain's Wedding

Orla & Iain's Wedding

Orla & Iain got hitched at the Botanics, Edinburgh. We had a mixed bag of weather so I had to split the couple shoot in two to avoid a shower. We had a brolly with us, so I managed to shoot a few shots of them together under the brolly, they were really nice shots as it turned out.

There are so many photo opportunities at the Botanics, and the variety of locations is virtually endless, so you may need a bit of guidance to narrow the choices down. If you want an expert along to get those all important shots, get in touch.

It’s a great place to get married and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Speak to Erin at the events team, and don’t forget to say I pointed you in her direction!

BTW, if you would like to see more of Orla and Iain’s photos, head on over to my FB page here:



This little wonder-kit comes with me to every wedding, and it has never failed to be used. It’s stacked with helpful goodies – extra pins for buttonholes, mini-scissors to cut off loose threads, kerbie grips to secure veils or wayward hairpieces.
My sewing skills haven’t been put to the test yet, but I’m sure they will, although I can’t think of too many uses for the brightly coloured threads – maybe bridesmaids dresses?
Why do I bother bringing this, you may ask?
It’s all part of my approach, to get any small problems resolved quickly, which means no-one gets stressed, and unnecessary errands like hunting for scissors are avoided.


What has this got to do with a photographer, I hear you ask.

Recently, I photographed a wedding at a prestigious venue, where there were a couple of videographers, who were amateur at best. This meant that they did not understand the order of the day, or who was important to talk to, such as the venue manager and photographer. I did my usual talk with them to establish who would be where and when, but this did nothing to stop one of them being directly behind the bride and groom for most of the ceremony. That was problematic as the ceremony room was very small, so there wasn’t much room for me to change angles easily. The videographer was also in jeans and looked glum and bored the whole time. Can you really imagine having all your ceremony shots with that person in the background?

Needless to say I managed, and my shots were free from all sights of them. Only experience and flexibility allowed me to get good results.

This would not have happened with a quality videographer. They would have understood the working arrangements that we necessarily have on the day and where to stand to be out of my shots (and vice versa I must say).

So please book the best videographer you can, skimping on it can lead to a great deal of problems for you and your photographer.

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