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It’s always special to have confetti thrown on a wedding day, not to mention an old tradition too, a gesture wishing prosperity and fertility on the couple (It’s Italian in origin, I believe).

It always makes for great photos too. Make sure to use real petals, as most venues are happy to allow that. You can even save up your favourite flowers and dry them to use on the day.

I often shoot confetti shots at any time of the day too, as sometimes owing to rain we cannot do it after the ceremony. If it’s there and I know about it, we’ll get the shot!

Amazing Testimonial

Amazing Testimonial

David and Jacqui’s wedding at The Royal Scots Club was memorable for lots of reason, not only their fun, outgoing personalities, but them dancing down the aisle and the special people they had round them for their big day.

When their testimonial came through I was blown away:

“ Jacqueline and I sat in Phil’s studio having just booked our wedding at the Royal Scots Club. We met a cheerful, charismatic and fun guy. Easy to talk to and with the ability to judge who his potential clients are as characters.

This is Phil’s secret to fulfilling a brief – he knew, instinctively who we were. Not an easy skill to acquire. We wanted our photos to be about the people and us as it was – capture the day! That was really the three word brief.

That was exactly what we got. Everybody loved the photos, lots of tears of joy, laughter and praise from all. In the end we got more than photos.

We have moments captured in a way that were more than we had hoped for. They are not just images but emotions that come and go in seconds – those moments you don’t get in formal pictures. We love them because they truly tell the story.

Philip Stanley Dickson is a master of being in the right place at the right time – without most people knowing he was ever there. That is why our wedding photos are perfect.

Thank you Phil

David & Jacqueline Aldred-Hannah “



Winging it is slightly risky – but you may miss something or forget to thank someone important. Are there flowers for the mums for example? Or gifts for anyone else? Best to have some bullet points on a card, at least.

Nerves will play a part – but don’t worry about being nervous, just know that you can still talk (while nervous) and everyone is willing you to do well. It’s the most appreciative audience you will ever talk to!

Think about who you would like to raise a toast to and make sure that you speak about each other at the end of your speech (it’s always nice when a bride says a few words too, I think). It’s always a nice moment to reflect on, and usually a bit emotional too.



I’m always having new, weird and wonderful experiences as a wedding photographer and a butterfly release was a special first for me.

Sianne and Allan took the brave decision to open a box of butterflies after their ceremony. It’s a brave decision, as no-one had any idea what they would do. Would they just sit in the box? Take an age to warm up?
Luckily for us they mostly took to the air and even landed on guests.

I got this lovely photo of one landed on a bridesmaid’s hand.



How can you even think of leaving your pet dog out of the wedding! I’ve been to many weddings where pampered pooch is a guest, and even a ring bearer!

They are always good for photos and let’s be honest, they wouldn’t want to miss out on all that food.

On a practical note, usually someone is assigned to look after the dog for the day, sometimes a dog sitter, and then they can just bring them in at a few chosen points in the day.

This very special dog photographed here had some special doggie canapés made by the kind caterers at Blair Castle.

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